Courtney Celasun

Vice President of Marketing & Operations: Licensed Real Estate Agent in Kentucky

As vice president of marketing and operations, Courtney Celasun, has her hands in just about every aspect of the company.  In this role, Courtney harnesses her passion to promote and expand the Gant Hill & Associates brand through the design and creation of signage, flyers, ecampaigns, social media, website and other marketing mediums.  With numerous years of experience and formal education in the design, communication and sales fields, she hones her skill set to maximize the company's profits, exposure and reputation in the region.

Licensed as a practicing real estate agent in Kentucky, Courtney works with both residential and commercial clients.

Courtney received her Masters in Urban Planning with concentrations in both Non-Profit Administration and Housing and Community Development from the University of Louisville.  She also holds a BA in History, BA in Psychology, and BS in Interior Design.


Office: 502-515-4455
Mobile: 502-472-6867
Fax: 502-805-0528

"The world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the sistuation." - Albert Einstein